10 problems only late night gamers face

10 problems only late night gamers face

Late night gaming had been in trend ever since modernization has taken place, Everyone has to attend schools, colleges, and their offices early in the morning. It leaves us video game enthusiasts with no option but to play at night. Have you ever found yourself playing late night and suddenly you start feeling sleepy but as soon as you hit the bed, The feeling is completely gone?

Why does this happen? Is this because of your old mattress or uncomfortable pillows? or perhaps something completely different?

Before we answer that question, Let’s find out 7 Problems ONLY late night gamers face!

It’s super late and time to sleep but you are on a winning streak

If you play late night, No wonder you often come across this situation. When it’s 12 AM but you cannot sleep unless you at least finish the next level. Moreover winning the level will unlock you an awesome gun aesthetic which none of your friends has unlocked.

After a while when you have finished it, You think why not do another one? I am in my form, Winning every single match, I think it would be right and.. Now, It’s 8 AM and you should’ve been at work.

How can this be fixed?

Consider getting a new alarm clock or using timer app on your phone, Not for waking you up but for reminding you of how much time you have been playing games for.

Just One More Turn

Somewhat related to the last discussed point, Just one more turn is a problem not only late night gamers but all face. Especially in games like fortnite where you just die as soon as you spawn because your team has no idea of what they are doing.

The “One More Turn” never comes to an end and after hours and hours, you find yourself tired and unable to open your eyes. This is the time when you finally get to sleep but NO, It’s just 2 hours left to work. “Should I call in sick today?”

Falling asleep and dreaming that you are still playing the game

Happens with all of us once in a while, You think that you are actually playing but you are midway your sleep. It’s hard to realize if it’s real or not, For once you start wondering if you have been introduced to the matrix and everything makes sense and just then you start seeing weird stuff happening, Stuff which is not common in the game you play. The next moment you realize you are hallucinating, When you open your eyes, You are in front of your computer screen it’s 6AM and you have no idea of what is going on.

I won’t say this happens often to me but I have experienced this and it turned out to be my video game addiction that took me way too much time to fix. Gaming too much once in a while is completely found but it becomes problematic when you spend most of your time gaming ignoring all the important stuff. The first thing to fixing the dependency is realizing it, Admit that you are indeed addicted to video games and you want to control the amount of time you play. The below infographic from will help you identify if you play too much video games.

10 problems only late night gamers face

Where’s my Energy Drinks?

Most gamers use these to keep them awake longer at night and they work wonders but they also tend to originate problematic sleeping patterns and their consumption at night is not recommended. I wasn’t very aware of this at first, I used them as a way to keep awake late night but soon enough I found myself not able to sleep on time even if I tried which resulted in me feeling tired most of the times.

Thought they are great and keep you awake when you are gaming with your online friends on steam, It’s not a good idea to consume them regularly.

Is this really happening? – Visual Hallucination

They are really common after playing but they also indicate that you have played more time than you should have and now you need a good sleep to recover from the tiredness that you have built.

In this kind of a situation, Turn on your air conditioner, Drag the mattress, align the pillows and surrender yourself to them.

Note that, it’s can be a serious problem if you hallucinate often, If this is the case, Checking with your doctor is highly recommended.

Realizing you have to be awake in a few hours for work

Realization of time is hard when you gaming late at night. Time passes so fast that you wish it were the same when you are in a class of at work. When this happens to me, I am more worried about not being able to play games tomorrow night because I’ll be tired and other reaching work part and being tired doesn’t really bother me.

Realizing you have to be awake in a few hours for work

The sound of button mashing

If you play with parents, You know exactly what I am trying to mention here. You can’t even mash buttons because the sound might alarm your parents up which can end up as bad as them taking your computer or getting rid of the internet connection.

Maintaining a good balance of sleep is very important and you should never miss that. If you don’t like to sleep early, The problem could be the mattress that you use, Consider getting a new one because it might promote the behavior to sleep early. Furthermore, it will also help me get a good sleep at night.

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