7 Color Schemes You Can Apply to Give Your Kitchen a New Look

7 Color Schemes You Can Apply to Give Your Kitchen a New Look

 Choosing the paint for different parts of your house can be tricky. Each room has its separate function and mood. Hence, your paint choice should complement with the furniture and the general vibe.

For instance, the kitchen is one of the most challenging rooms to paint. You need a color that will not make you lose your appetite, like dark colors. It must be welcoming and relaxing.

If one color doesn’t work alone, you can pair colors together to achieve a better effect. Here are some tips to help you come up with the perfect paint colors for your kitchen walls.

Staying Cool with Neutrals

If you don’t want to risk choosing the colors yourself, you can go to sites like for references. If you’re determined to do it yourself, the safest choice is neutrals.

Neutral colors like tan or gray might be pegged as boring, but you’re safe to go with these. Gray can also make your kitchen look fresh and sophisticated at the same time. You can pair off neutrals with other colors to add life to your walls. It gives you more space to add additional brighter colors for your kitchen furniture.

Showing Off with Red

Not all people will agree with red, but it can brighten up your kitchen’s vibe. If the rest of your furniture is either gray or metallic, red can provide excellent contrast in color.

However, be careful in the amount and shade that you use, for red can overpower the rest of the colors in your kitchen.

Going Earthy with Brown

If you want a more natural look for your kitchen, brown can help you achieve an earthy look. It’s also a safe color to use in the kitchen because it’s not neutral, but it’s not too bright either.

Sparkling with White

White kitchens look neat and clean, but they require regular clean-up because stains are noticeable on white walls. Some people go for all-white kitchens due to their clean and homey vibe. If you’re discontented with the idea, you can settle for white walls instead.

Closer to Nature with Green

Green is a refreshing color for the eyes, so you might want to pick it for your kitchen. Pair it with wooden accents to create a natural look. Mint green is also a fresh color that will work well for your walls.

Rays of Sunshine with Yellow

You need to be cautious with this shade. If you choose the right shade for your walls, you can achieve a brighter kitchen. Yellow can make you feel energized and happy, so this color can help you start your day right if you like hanging out in the kitchen for breakfast.

Yellow also reflects natural light, so it can make dark or small rooms look brighter and more prominent. White or gray works well with yellow.

Cooling Down with Blue


Blue isn’t an ideal color for the kitchen because some see it as too cold or too dark. However, blue can give your kitchen a vintage look. Choose the right shade and use the right amount to create a retro effect.

You can also pair white with blue for a nautical vibe. Navy blue can also bring a formal look to your kitchen.


The kitchen is an essential part of your house, so you need to be careful in choosing a paint color for it. If you want to play safe, you can use neutral colors or white.

If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, go for bright colors like red or yellow. If you’re a nature lover, brown and green can work for you. Blue paired with white can also help you feel closer to the sea.

Choose the colors that you like, but be careful with the shades that you’ll pick. If you’re not confident, ask for professional help.

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