How to Choose the Best Down Pillow for Your Sleep Pattern

How to Choose the Best Down Pillow for Your Sleep Pattern

Since there are many types of pillows available, it can be confusing when searching for just the perfect pillow to help you sleep better. Here are some sleep tips that can help you select the best down pillows for yourself or your family.

How to Choose the Best Down Pillow for Your Sleep Pattern

How to Choose the Best Down Pillow for Your Sleep Pattern

Know Your Fill

Not all down pillows are filled with the same material or the same fill quality or density. In order to begin the process of choosing the best pillow to sleep on, be aware of the differences. Two of the main fill materials that are used in down bedding are combination feathers and down and simply fine goose down. There is a distinct difference in the two materials.

Feathers and down fill

Many pillows are filled with a combination of mature feathers and some fine down that is wrapped around the feather fill interior of a pillow. Have you ever slept on a feather pillow that made crackling sounds when you turned your head at night? Did you ever notice a quill or two poking through the pillow’s cover? That’s what can happen when you sleep on a feather and down pillow, because there are always more feathers than down in this fill mix.

Often, feathers comprise about 75% of the fill, and goose down comprises the other 25%. When you first sleep on one of these pillows, it may seem rather comfortable, but as the fill material compresses over time, the down is shifted away from the exterior walls and the prickly feathers make their way to the walls of the pillow cover. These pillows are generally not the best quality, nor the most comfortable in the long run, although generally a bit cheaper.

Fine goose down fill

The best luxury bedding is filled exclusively with fine goose down clusters that are softer and more durable than feathers. These goose down pillows have no feathers mixed in with the fine down material, thereby providing quality, comfortable fill for the best pillows. The quality levels of down pillows are determined by the fill power or density of the amount of down clusters stuffed into each pillow. The common fill power among quality pillows are 600, 700 and 800 and pillows can be found in soft, medium, firm and extra firm.

Know Your Sleep Pattern

Believe it or not, knowing how you sleep should help determine the firmness level for yourself. Are you a side, back or a stomach sleeper?

  • Side sleepers – This type of sleeper has perhaps the most complicated sleep pattern for which to find the right pillow. Everything affects your sleep, such as how firm or soft is your bed, how broad are your shoulders and how soft or firm is your pillow. You want to find the right pillow that fits in with your particular bedding situation. A pillow should help keep your spine straight while you sleep and support your neck. Side sleepers should be careful to match their pillow to their bed firmness or softness. If your bed is firm, choose a firm pillow, if it is soft choose a softer pillow. Be sure to select enough support to keep your neck and head straight as well as supported at night. Typically, side sleepers should choose firm to medium pillows.
  • Back sleepers –  Back sleepers need to be sure to keep their spine angle at a comfortable level when resting on a pillow. Don’t let a pillow push your head into your chest while sleeping. If you tend to keep a pillow nearer the top of your head when sleeping, a soft pillow is best to keep your head from being pushed toward your chest. If you rest the pillow behind your neck for support, a firmer pillow may be best. Remember to consider the firmness level of your bed when determining your pillow as well. Besides, you should choose a mattress that will help cure back pain as well side sleepers and stomach. You can click here
  • Stomach sleepers – A stomach sleeper almost always should use a soft pillow in order to allow the spine to rest straight while sleeping. Especially if you have a soft bed, be sure to choose a soft pillow for correct spinal support. A too firm pillow can result in neck problems and spinal misalignment because of poor sleep habits.

Additional Tips

Keep in mind that the best pillows are those that are constructed with fine quality goose down fill that is covered with a pure, 100% Egyptian cotton cover. You can find covers that are made from the finest cotton that is chemical-free and unbleached for the safest and best pillow covering. Expect to pay more for the best down pillows, but also expect them to last for years, since they are some of the highest quality and durable sleep accessories available today.

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