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Comfort Zones: Defining The Types Of Air Conditioners

Comfort Zones: Defining The Types Of Air Conditioners

The rising heat and temperature that has been occurring are one of the environmental challenges we are facing today. There are different types of air conditioning systems in the market, and having to choose one for your home can be overwhelming.

Excessive heat and humidity can affect your physical and intellectual activity, and having the appropriate air conditioning system is the right way to reduce the heat and humidity. There are different types of air conditioning, and you might find what air conditioner best suits your home.

Central Air Conditioning System

Centralized air conditioners often cool large buildings, factories, malls, movie theaters, and offices. This type of system is composed of a large compressor that has the capability of producing tons of air conditioning.

Cold air circulates through supply ducts and registers which are in the wall or floors. Then, once the air becomes warm, it flows back through the supply ducts and registers, then back to the air conditioner. It is how central air conditioners work.

Installing centralized air-conditioning system requires a lot of thinking and planning, you may want to check Classic AC Services for their air conditioning services. Preparation is also essential as sizing is vital to the functionality of the system. If installed with the wrong size, you’ll find your utility costs are more than it should be.

Mini-Split Air Conditioning System

A split air conditioner is composed of two parts, the outdoor and the indoor unit. The outdoor unit is composed of the compressor, condenser and expansion valve just fitted outside, while the indoor unit comprises the cooling oil and the cooling fan.

Many of the mini-split air conditioned systems can have as many as three to four rooms, which are all connected outdoor. Each room allows you to adjust the temperature appropriately because it has its thermostat.

Window Air Conditioning System

Window air conditioner is common among bedrooms. It is a compact unit, so it initially cools one particular room. Unlike the mini-split air conditioner, window air conditioner needs a space on the wall to install it. All of the components of a window air conditioner are enclosed in a single box and fitted into space provided in the wall.

Window units cool a room and are emitting a warm air out the back of it. These units are best to those who are living in small places, like the bedroom, single office, and a small clinic.

Portable Air Conditioning System

Portable air conditioners are one of the most popular a/ cs nowadays. The next generator of window units are the portable air conditioners. This type of unit takes air inside the room and cools it, then directs it back into the room.

Also, portable air conditioner vents warm air outside using its exhaust hose installed in a window. Like window air conditioners, a portable air conditioner is also designed to cool only one room. You can also carry this kind of unit anywhere you go.


Air conditioners are essential in a way that these units make you feel relaxed and boost your levels of comfort. People who live in an urban environment where summers are unpleasantly warm already have their air-conditioned unit. These units are indeed helpful to your daily lives.

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