Explore the famous places on Vietnamese currency

Explore the famous places on Vietnamese currency

Every year, There are millions of tourists to travel to Vietnam. They come to travel vietnam and use Vietnamese dong currency to trade but not many tourists know that Vietnam bills has a famous place. Today, we would like to introduce to tourists about the names in the currency of Vietnam.

Explore the famous places on Vietnamese currency

#1 100 Dong bill: Pho Minh Tower pagoda – Nam Dinh province

The picture on the 100 dong bill is the tower at Pho Minh Pagoda (Tuc Mac Village, Nam Dinh). Along with the Tran Temple, Pho Minh Pagoda is a typical relic in Tran Dynasty relics in Nam Dinh in particular and the whole country in general. It is a major religious and religious center in the Red River delta. It is one of the remnants of the East A – Tran Dynasty. Pho Minh Tower was built in 1305 with 14 floors, height 21.2m, surface and solid. Ascending, the floors narrow down. Every year, there are some festivals, with various forms of folk cultural activities, bearing the meaning of remembering and honoring the Tran dynasty. See: Some magnificent places where you should book flights to travel right now

#2 500 dong bills: Hai Phong port

500 dong is the image of Hai Phong port. This is a national seaport complex, the second largest in Vietnam and the largest in the North, the international gateway of Vietnam. Hai Phong also has a famous Catba island. And Lan Ha bay is one of special that, the bay is by side Halong Bay, there are hundreds tourists travel to Catba island and Lan Ha Bay every day.

#3 1000 dong bills: Tay Nguyen

The 1000 dong bill is a picture of workers riding elephants logging in Tay Nguyen. Tay Nguyen is a destination for tourists. The Rong villages and culture ethnic people is a beautiful here. Come here, you can ride lephant to visit Yok  Don National Park.

#4 5000 VND: Tri An Hydropower Plant

Tri An Hydropower Plant is side by the Dong Nai River. The screen is beautiful. On weekends, young people usually organize picnics,  group activities.

#5 10,000 dong bills: Bach Ho Oilfield

The 10,000 dong bill is the Bach Ho oil field in Cuu Long. The mine is located southeast, about 145 km from the coast of Vung Tau. This is the main oil field for Vietnam today.

#6 20,000 dong bills: Cau pagoda

Cau pagoda is a famous destination in Hoi An old town. Hoi An is an old town down the Thu Bon River, on the coastal plain of Quang Nam Province, about 30 km south of Da Nang City. Hoi An used to be known on the international market with many different names such as Lam Ap, Faifo, Hoai Pho and Hoi An.
On the polymer money 20,000 coins picture of Bridge (Hoi An) with ancient architectural beauty. The bridge is about 18m long, covered roof. The temples and bridges are made of lacquered wood and are very elaborately carved, and the temple in front toward the river. This is a symbol of cultural exchanges of Japan – China – Vietnam in Hoi An.

#7 50,000 bill: Luong Dinh – Phu Van Lau

Nghia Luong Nghenh – Phu Van Lau (Hue) are printed on the front of the polymer money 50,000, these are the ant. This place is used as the resting place of King Nguyen before going down the river to get to the dragon boat. See more How to get Phong Nha Cave from Hue or Ha Noi

Phu Van Lau was built during the reign of King Gia Long used as a place to list the important edicts of the king and the court, or the results of examinations organized by the court.

Located in the vestiges of the ancient capital of Hue, both combined with Ky Dai, Huong Giang, Ngu Binh create a beautiful position to see the beauty of Huong River, especially at sunset, dawn or full moon day.

#8 100,000 dong bill: the Literature Temple and Quoc Tu Giam

It printed on 100,000 VND polymer money.  the Literature Temple and Quoc Tu Giam
is considered a symbol of culture and education of the Vietnamese people.

Approximately 2-3 km west of Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi is one of the oldest and most important monuments in the city – Temple of Literature (Văn Miếu – Quốc Tử Giám). You can get there in about 10 minutes by taxi from Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi, one hour when you walk. Temple of Literature was founded in 1070 by Emperor Ly Thanh Tong and is dedicated to the Chinese philosopher Confucius. University was founded about six years later, where the children of the royal family were taught, selected students and aristocracy. Then they worked as teachers and propagandists of Confucian teachings.

This is the famous cultural tourist site of the capital. Every year, Van Mieu attracts millions of visitors, as well as cultural activities, festivals such as honoring the Faculty of Arts and Ethnology. , poetry, calligraphy exhibition, introduce spring poetry…

#9 VND 200,000: Halong Bay

Two times on the surface of the money, the old 10,000 VND and the 200,000 polymer bill, the world natural heritage Ha Long Bay is a famous tourist destination.

Ha Long Bay is like the great visual art of nature with the presence of thousands of islands of various shapes, with many interesting caves clustered into a world that is both lively and mysterious. Halong bay was with the beauty of a natural wonder of the world recognized by UNESCO.

#10 VND 500,000: Lotus Village

VND 500,000 is the largest denomination of Vietnam, the image of house in Sen village (Nam Dan district, Nghe An province). This a simple Vietnamese village.
The house of the Kim Lien relic, a tourist center preserves the objects, documents, cultural space – history of the youth of President Ho Chi Minh and his family.
Kim Lien historical relic has been included in the list of special national monuments and one of the four most important relics in Vietnam about President Ho Chi Minh.

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