Natural Green Ultimate Sleep Guaranty

Natural Green Ultimate Sleep Guaranty

Having spent nearly 10 years of my life working within a retail showroom, helping thousands of people find the ideal mattress for themselves and their families, one important feature is the simple idea of a sleep trial period. No one can lie on a bed in a bright showroom for two minutes and determine whether it will be ideal for them long-term or not. Depending on how tired you are when you’re trying mattresses out, lying down on a cement floor could actually feel good! And what about these sleep stores in the midst of busy shopping malls? How comfortable will you be lying down with hundreds of people wandering by every minute?

Natural Green Ultimate Sleep Guaranty

Most mattress retailers realize that the only way to know for certain is to actually sleep on a new mattress and that it will take the average person between two and three weeks just to get accustomed to a new sleep surface. Some people will adapt in a few days and some might actually take a month or two, but usually three weeks is about average to determine if you have an ideal match. Frequently I would encounter people who didn’t know how bad their own mattress was until they went somewhere on a vacation and slept on a good (different) mattress for a week or two. Then they came home and couldn’t sleep well at all.

For these reasons, I’ve crafted what I believe to be the Ultimate Sleep Guaranty for ALL of the Natural Green Memory Foam Mattresses. There is zero fine print here and I’ve tried to make it as logical as possible:

  1. ONE YEAR Sleep Trial Period: The last thing we want to is to pressure our customers to figure out quickly whether our Natural Green Memory Foam Mattress is ideal for them. Regardless of whether it takes you three days or three months, or even 11 months and 29 days, you have the full year from the day you receive our bed to make up your own mind.
  2. Your Mattress Must Remain Protected: The bottom line is that we do not want to receive the mattress back. We expect that 99% of all of our customers will be happy. But for the 1% who are not happy, we want to be able to pass their mattress along to a charity of some sort and in order to do so, the mattress must be clean and look brand new. We encourage you to keep the mattress well protected with a mattress pad (we also sell high quality pads just for this purpose).
  3. Mattress must be packaged and protected for Return Shipping: If you need to return the mattress, you should take the same care with packing it for the return trip as we did when it arrived at your door. Please use a reputable shipping company to ensure timely and professional delivery.
  4. A $95 Return Credit Fee: Once we receive the clean, protected and well-packaged mattress from you, we will credit your entire purchase price of the mattress minus a $95 return credit fee that covers some initial costs to ship the mattress as well as accounting expenses involved with crediting your Natural Green Mattress purchase.

Many people within the mattress industry believe that this is a crazy trial period and that it will cost us thousands, but I would really rather have people happy to recommend our mattress products than someone who wakes up cranky and says negative things about us or our products.

If you decide to return your Natural Green Memory Foam Mattress, there is nothing to fill-out, no calls that need to be made, no questions that have to be answered. Simply follow the steps above and then ship it back to our address below. It really is that simple and straightforward!

Natural Green Mattress Returns
1403 Monroe St
Lake in the Hills, IL 60102


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