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Place for Plants: Planning Steps Before Building a Greenhouse

Place for Plants: Planning Steps Before Building a Greenhouse

There’s been a huge growth and progression over the past few years regarding eco-friendly means of living. As such, greenhouse automatically tops our list.

This innovation can create a significant difference in our environment. But before deciding to build a greenhouse, here are some things you need to know.

Electing the Site

Just like any real estate, consider first the location. The central point of a greenhouse is to give excellent conditions for your growing plants, and the first matter to think about is the availability of sunlight.

Make sure that no trees are obscuring the greenhouse and if you need to make any admissions on position, you have to make sure to prefer morning sunshine than the afternoon sunlight.

Also, bear in mind that the winter sun provides a lower shade than summer sun, so consider structures that are not shadowing in the summer can get the shine during winter.

Material Selection

When choosing a suitable greenhouse, it should be able to stand firm and can endure harsh weathers. Stray baseballs, falling tree limbs, and rocks tossed from lawn mowers can all be dangers in greenhouses. Also, severe weather such as hail, wind, and snow, can be a challenge to greenhouses with a weak construction.

Hence, look for houses with low-maintenance structures. Ideally, you need to have an easy-to-clean material, such as the sturdy composite frame. These materials will ensure that you can quickly wipe out any pests or disease that enter your greenhouse.

Moreover, the paneling of your greenhouse should be evenly durable. It has to be scratch-resistant and also provide excellent impact strength. When you’re residing in an area full of snow or prone to harsh weather, it’s essential that the covering of your greenhouse be sturdy enough to sustain the extra weight.

Greenhouse Heating and Cooling

Above all, the bottom line in greenhouses is about the ventilation. There are propane, electric, and natural gas heating units now available in the market. The choice depends on whether you want to have those lines laid and what is available in your region.

Though electric is convenient and doesn’t need any venting, when a storm beats your electricity, it will also affect your home especially if you have plants that need proper heating. On the other hand, your choice of material will also affect your heating costs.

Consider Issues in Watering

There are a some of the water-related problems when it comes to greenhouses like how to keep the water out when you’re not using them. Then it’s an excellent choice to build up the spot beneath your greenhouse so that excess water can easily run away from the structure instead of sitting in it.

Another issue is catching rainwater to use on your plants. Thus, consider using rain pipes or other structures of the container to catch water as it pours into your greenhouse since there is nothing like rainwater that can nourish plants.

Choose Your Covering

You can choose from various types of coverings for your greenhouse, but each has their pros and cons. In detail, UV stabilized polyethylene is light and cheap but you need to replace them every few years, while hard polycarbonate is sturdy as well as energy-friendly, but it is a bit costly.

Further, if you have a double-crossed structure, you can use high-quality, clear fiberglass though it will require a new layer of adhesive every 10-15 years. More so, you can use glass for your framed structure, but it’s not advisable since glass is fragile and will cost you a lot to replace.

Time to Plant

Once you’ve completed the previous steps, you are now ready to pick your plants to grow. Growing lettuce, spinach, and other greens are one of the great ways to set off your greenhouse.

However, if you start planting in the winter or fall, make sure to consult a farming calendar to ensure your plants have sufficient time to do most of their flourishing before the climate gets too cold as well when the days provides too much sunlight.


Once, greenhouses were only applicable to the commercial farmers, but now, they are a common sight in gardens and backyards around the world. Because of a wide variety of materials available on the market such as Deal Wiki and other stores online, creating a greenhouse is now much easier.

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