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Top 7 Smart Interior Design Tips for Small Homes

Top 7 Smart Interior Design Tips for Small Homes

In the recent years, the number of people keeps increasing uncontrollably, especially in the large cities. This means that the needed land area in use also increases to meet the needs of the growing population.

Although everyone wants to live in a large living space, not all of us can afford to own a big apartment. Don’t worry, tinyspacesliving.com will provide you with top 7 smart interior design tips for small homes to help you turn your limited living space into an extremely comfortable space for your whole family.

7 Smart Tips for Small Homes Interior Design

According to the advice of many professional architects, a spacious and airy house is easy to decorate with numerous choices of furniture. However, if you, unfortunately, live in a small apartment with limited space, it is very important to choose suitable interior designs for the living space.

Top 7 Smart Interior Design Tips for Small Homes

Apply the following 7 tips to instantly own yourself a small but creative and convenient apartment.

Use a sliding partition

Sliding partition is always the smartest choice for small houses with limited space. The partition allows you to separate the functional areas clearly and help the house to be wider and more spacious when you fold the sliding doors neatly into a corner [1].

The partition will be a useful tool for saving the space and simultaneously, turn your tiny house into a fashionable and convenient place for all the family members.

Make use of curtains for bed area

Make use of curtains for bed area

If you want to create a private space for yourself, using additional baffles or plaster walls will sometimes make the apartment even more cramped. The best solution for the problem is to use a thin curtain to separate the bed from other functional areas in the apartment if needed.

An advantage to mention is that the curtains are easy for all of us to pull to a corner to create a larger and more spacious space when you don’t need to use them.

Utilize hidden furniture

Hidden furniture is always a smart and wonderful choice for small apartments. A wardrobe attached to your bed or a desk or a dining table attached with hidden cabinets or drawers will be supportive to optimize the small living space. The multifunctional interiors will greatly reduce the used living area to create a more spacious living space.

Divide the living space with shelves

Shelves can be used for dividing the space into smaller spaces and storing the necessary items of the apartment. Therefore, knowing clearly how to use the suitable shelves in the right places with the appropriate colors will make the apartment more beautiful and wider.

It is a great idea to decorate small houses with multi-functional shelves for item storage and effective space separation.

Select simple sofa for your tiny house

Living in a relatively small living space, it is difficult for you to arrange or decorate your house with the big and bulky furniture. What you really need is to choose the simple and suitable interiors. Choosing a simple sofa for the living room can create the larger living area with elegance and courtesy.

Moreover, you can purchase a sofa bed at the interior shops or design the sofa model yourself based on your creativity. An elegant customized sofa bed placed in the living room is the best idea to decorate the modern room.

And it also makes you feel proud when you have guests visiting your tiny but beautiful and modern living space.

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Attach the TV with the walls

Source: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/big-tv-hanging-on-wall-modern-451642063

If your apartment is small, using a TV shelf will make the limited space smaller. Instead of wasting money and space on a TV shelf, you should hang the TV on the wall to both save the space of the living room and make your living space more modern.

Use the carpets in neutral colors

There are many types of carpets on the floor of the rooms of your tiny apartments, so you can comfortably choose the most suitable one with your favorite colors for your apartment. With a small living area, you should use carpets in neutral colors such as white, gray or beige to make your apartment look wider.


How to choose appropriate interior designs to decorate the small living space beautifully is always a hard-solving problem to all the apartment owners. However, it is not very difficult to design a small but convenient apartment for yourself. Apply immediately top 7 smart interior design tips for small homes to make your tiny homes become more convenient and modern.


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